San Miguel de Allende – A taste of reality

San Miguel de Allende is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The World’s Best Awards placed San Miguel de Allende as the second best city in the World (for the fourth consecutive year among the top places) and some of its hotels as the best.

Despite this, reality is yet not what it seems like, since “the new normal”, as some may call it, will be nothing but a nightmare for many businesses and establishments that could not carry on with the burden of keeping their doors closed, paying wages, rent and services, although there were programs to balance things up, there are cases that could not be rescued, many small businesses that had to stop providing service at first due to the worldwide ongoing situation and secondly because expenses became no longer affordable, the Workloads were reduced, therefore, wages and tips did not fluctuate normally, taking away the livelihood that many families dedicated to tourism had in this beautiful city.

Where are all these people? Where are they left at? Even the large hotel chains located in the city had to cut off staff due to low operation and supply and demand. Without a doubt, this was a hard strike for the families of San Miguel and surroundings.

What does fate have to offer to sanmiguelenses?
Although some may see the bright side of all this and on the street you may hear the relief of people commenting on phrases already coined such as “San Miguel belongs once again to Sanmiguelenses”; Therefore, with all this situation we have realized that a large part of the remittances that the city receives are contributions from national and international tourism. (Which is often difficult to accept).

What will happen to people who will be laid-off permanently? How long will it take to go back to the new normal? How will the city be ready for all these changes that are yet to come?

Let’s hope that after all this we’ll have a good lesson to learn from, in which restaurants, hotels and bars take actions regarding this matter, giving rise to self-awareness for our culture of local consumption, and supporting small and medium-sized businesses and producers.

In fact, the overrated, ridiculous and exorbitantly priced San Miguel is over and now it goes back a bit more to its origins, to affordable restaurants and lodgings that will not rip an arm off you.

San Miguel has always been a land of opportunities and new projects that we see being born every day and we hope to continue like this, and not only the privilege of a few who do things for their own benefit.

In Recorrido Culinario Mx we do everything we can to make this new stage that the city is about to go through positive and of great value for everyone.

What follows now is to accelerate the economy by consuming local and small stalls and stores that nowadays need us more than ever.

Here we are, here we will be.

Original by Chef Jerahe Espinoza (@Jerahe)

Traslated by Rafael Serrano Skype: live: rafa_sm_19 

Need some traslations? I can help you! (+52) 1 667-198-4223


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